What is Let's Be The Change?

Let's Be The Change is an initiative of Three Little Birds Foundation and it's prime focus/mandate is to act as a platform for several projects initiated by founder Avinash (aka Phil N Rossner).


These projects include:


Path of the Lotus - a video-based e-learning course based on healing techniques brought together from a number of spiritual traditions. The prime purpose of this project is to promote what Avinash likes to call "full on living" - devoid of the usual mind clutter that accompanies us most of the time during our lives. The techniques have all been used to help practitioners who may be suffering from occasional, or ongoing, mental health issues to find a place of stability in their lives.


L.U.C.K. NOW! - Intolerance, racism and violence are on the up-swing in our society, not just human against human, but also human against other sentient beings - our brothers and sisters in the 'animal' kingdom. These behaviours manifest as a result of the unbridled human ego. Through education and the use of practical spiritual practices, our aim is to bring about a state of Love, Understanding, Compassion and Kindness within our minds, our relationships, our communities, countries... the world!


Good Vibrations - All life is based on vibration - frequencies - resonance - waves of sound. Avinash is a long-time musician, singer, songwriter and, in 2017, produced his first recording of song & chant titled Full Teaching of the Heart, which went on to be nominated for a One World Music Award. Avinash facilitates "Sacred Chant" sessions on a regular basis in his community.

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Bio - Meet Avinash


Avinash (aka Phil N Rossner) is a teacher, facilitator and practitioner of what he likes to call "the 3 essential M's" - Meditation, Mindfulness & Mantra - for over 30 years. His "root" teacher is Thich Nhat Hanh. However, he has not confined himself to one religion or practice and has sought the truth in many spiritual traditions. As such, he has come to the realization that they are all inherently one, in that they all impart a foundation of compassion, loving-kindness and equanimity as their core teaching. As such, Avinash has compiled these core practices into a video e-learning format which he hopes will be embraced by all those seeking truth and healing in their lives.


As a musician and promoter, Avinash has been very active over the last 30 years as a volunteer and fundraiser for local and international organizations – Amnesty International, International Red Cross, Victoria Coalition for Survivors of Torture, Victoria Intercultural Association and The Sierra Club and has been directly responsible for staging many benefit concerts over the years that have brought in approximately $25,000 in response to humanitarian and ecological crises. He has received certificates of commendation from a number of the above mentioned organizations for his work in this regard.


He has also facilitated meditation & mindfulness sessions at Sooke Yoga as well as Sacred Chant nights – song & chant from all spiritual traditions and has served on the steering committee of the Sooke Regional Multi-Belief Initiative (SRMBI). One of SRMBI’s mandates is to see the community become a “centre of compassion” through the recognition and implementation of the International Charter for Compassion. Most recently, he has acted as the host of an ongoing community based video series "Sooke Reflections" which appears on social media as well as at sookereflections.net. He is also the President and Director of Communications at VICCIR - Vancouver Island Counselling Centre for Immigrants & Refugees - viccir.org. Avinash lives in Sooke, BC, Canada with his wife Akshara (aka Ana Escalante) and their 'kids' Archie (meow) and Koko (woof!).


Avinash, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher/Facilitator/Practitioner