Good Vibrations!

Sometimes the question comes up... why does music make me feel SO GOOD? Well, as Einstein says, we are, basically, a walking symphony of sound & light waves! What a beautiful way to express the life force - that which we ARE and have been since the beginning of time (if, indeed, there is a beginning!).


This section is dedicated to the healing effects of music, sound and, in particular, mantra, chant & song. We hope you like the selection of some of our favourites, conveyed here by way of the selection of music videos appearing below. Enjoy!

Avinash's alter-persona is the rock/blues musician Boz Roz. Back in 2004, he wrote and recorded this song which is still his all-time favourite of all the songs he has written, both musically and lyrically. As such, 15 years later, he decided to make a music video for the song and this is the result!

Avinash also goes by the name Tâm - which is an abridged spiritual name he received from Thich Nhat Hanh. In 2017, Tâm recorded his first album of song & chant, derived from many spiritual traditions. The above selection is a video he made from one of the tracks on the album. The CD went on to be nominated for a One World Music Award in 2017. For more info, goto:

For the Sufi, the most meaningful words in creation are "La ilaha illa 'llah, Muhammadun-Rasulullah."  The Sufi claim unequivocally that this phrase is the Origin of all Knowledge, the Sun of all Meaning, the Source of all Truth, and Health, Warmth and Healing to the heart.

This is Tâm's musical rendition of this beautiful phrase, played on a Russian balalaika.

May the blessings of The Beloved be with you always!

Here is one of Avinash's favourite songs/videos by his dear friend Madeleine Bachan Kaur. You can find out more about Madeleine, by checking out her website:

Another song by Madeleine Bachan Kaur that is just plain fun!