Sooke is a strong, proud and diverse community and it is incumbent upon all of our leaders to vigorously protect the character of our neighborhood. "Sooke-ites" are fortunate: we have access to abundant green space, ocean & rivers, and vibrant small businesses.  As a council-person, I will bring renewed energy to protect and promote the livability of our neighborhood.  I will fight for the small businesses that dot our sidewalks, protect the vitality of our natural environment, constantly work to keep housing costs at a reasonable level and work to ensure that everyone in our community has easy access to health services.  


  • Health Services - I will work tirelessly with my colleagues on Sooke Council to ensure that the health of all residents of Sooke be made a priority by continuing to work towards building a health system that offers Sooke residents all the physical and mental health services that they may require - right here in our community! m
  • Protecting our Small Businesses - Sooke is unique and vibrant because of the quality and variety of our shops and restaurants. We cannot allow fast-food chains to dominate where our favorite family businesses previously thrived.  I love this neighborhood because of our favorite local cafés, and do not want to see them overrun. We need to give our full support to these local small businesses and, as a member of Sooke Council, I plan to fully support them as these business are part of the very fabric of our community.
  • Affordable/Alternative Housing - It is not acceptable for our senior citizens and young families to be priced out of the housing market because of skyrocketing housing costs.  We must be innovative in coming up with affordable housing options and hold developers accountable.  In Sooke, I believe we value cultural and economic diversity, and the affordable housing crises runs counter to those goals. The era of freely allowing developers who are only building high-end housing and luxury rental units must end.
  • Maintaining our Parks - The Sooke community deserves a parks system that is well kept, preserved and expanded. Our access to clean, green, and well maintained parks will help keep Sooke the family friendly neighborhood that we all cherish.  In Sooke Council, I will be ever cognizant of issues that may contravene our green space, as well as a leader for promoting parks upkeep and expansion of the green space that is such a big part of our community. Our green spaces are our refuge and I plan to constantly work to ensure that they will be here for generations to come.
  • Improving Neighborhood Accessibility - We have a mutual responsibility to take care of our residents who have been here the longest and are in the most need. Sooke Seniors and those with disabilities deserve a neighborhood that is accountable to their everyday needs.  


"We must invest in our community’s future" means believing in what Sooke can be - and turning that potential into a reality. When it comes to our roads, transportation systems and overall efficiency, we must have a comprehensive and proactive plan rather than relying on a reactionary scramble.  By acting 'in the moment' whenever possible, we will create a cleaner, greener, and healthier community for our present and our future.  

  • A 21st Century Infrastructure - To remain the envy of both business and residents, we must improve our current systems while expanding and upgrading. Sooke cannot be a progressive community if we do not have a first class infrastructure.  Our roads are crumbling, our electrical requirements could be significantly updated through the use of alternative energy systems (solar, micro-hydro, etc.), and we need to re-visit the original plan to construct a roadway bypass so all traffic heading north is not filtered through the centre of town. Investing in our infrastructure will upgrade every aspect of Sooke life as well as potentially bringing much needed jobs into the community.
  • Climate Change - Climate change is a reality - it is here, and we must act accordingly. While most often talked about in terms of being a "global" issue, in Sooke we must also do everything in our power to slow the effects of global warming. It will be one of my mandates to make this a priority issue.
  • A Greener Sooke - We have a responsibility to leave our children a planet and town that is cleaner and greener than what was left for us. It's time we get to work right away: promoting green buildings, installing solar panels on our roofs, etc.  Now is the time to take the next step by limiting transportation's impact on our air quality by promoting the use of electric vehicles within the community and by continuing to install EV charging stations.


The foundation of any council working on behalf of the community should be integrity and transparency. I would also like to add the attribute of compassionate action. As a member of the Sooke Regional Multi-Belief Initiative, we have brought the Charter of Compassion to our community and one of my goals as a member of Sooke Council would be to promote the tenets of the Charter to all my colleagues on council as well as my fellow residents in the community.

Sooke needs council members that will stand for the shared progressive values that make our community strong.  Our neighborhood must continue to be the towns conscience: supporting public education, fighting homelessness and poverty, and standing for the rights of all.  My wife and I choose to live in this community because we recognize the critical importance of our shared principles and, on Sooke Council, I will fight for these beliefs.

  • Believing in Public Education - We must continue to go above and beyond to provide parents with the best classroom options for their children - constantly searching for new methods and new ways to be more effective.  Finally, I believe Sooke school board should consistently reexamine the school curriculum in order to ensure we are equipping our students with the skills they will need for the jobs of the future.
  • Mental Health - Island Health (aka Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) has identified Sooke as having a higher incidence, per capita, of depression in our population compared to the rest of the Island Health communities. We need to ensure that we have the services available locally to adequately deal with this troubling issue, as well as other mental health issues
  • Crime - Crime has been on the upswing regionally. We must ensure that we allow our local RCMP detachment to receive all the resources that they require in order to effectively deal with this issue. It is equally important to identify the root issues involved and to try and ameliorate those through applicable community services thereby helping take the pressure off our local police force. 
  • Drugs & Addiction - This is an ongoing issue that affects all communities. We need to support all those agencies that are working tirelessly to find ways of ameliorating the effects of drugs and addiction in our community. 
  • Keeping our Neighborhood Age Friendly, Family Friendly, and Pet Friendly - Sooke’s true value comes from the diversity and variety of its residents.  Our neighborhood prides itself on being age-friendly, family-friendly and pet-friendly and it is important that it remain that way.  First and foremost, with our increasing population growth,we cannot allow our community to become too expensive for long-time and elderly residents or for young families.  It is imperative that we remain conscious of the convenience of our own lives and that of our neighbors as well.