Path of the Lotus - video course*

*Available online starting October 1, 2019 - Stay tuned for further details!

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Basking in the Silence - Just Breathe!


Those Pesky Thoughts - Who Am I?


Sitting, Walking, Drinking - Meditation


Finally Accepting "What Is"


Shifting Sands - Dealing with Change


The Hawaiian Connection - Ho'oponopono


Secrets of the Snow Lion


Words of Love - Healing in Relationships


The Miracle of Mantra


Walking the Talk - Service


Meditation Saved My Life - Power of Mind


Death - The Divine Inversion


This video course will be made available on a platform that, upon subscription,  will allow you to access one video per month for a full year. This will allow you to slowly integrate all these amazing practices into your life, one by one. Support will be available throughout the time of your course subscription.


Thank you for doing this work. It is very much needed and can be helpful for anyone!
- Adrienne Carter, Clinical Counsellor
What most folks are looking for - a way to find lasting peace and happiness!
- Eric Anderson, Author


The video course is a natural expansion of the e-book of the same name. While the e-book basically concentrates on the power of meditation & mindfulness practices in the pursuit of mental health, the video course covers all the required tools that will enable you to experience "full-on" living.

Path of the lotus - the e-book!

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My Story

Finding your Way Out of the Maze

All Thoughts Are Garbage


Mirror Work

Self Hugs

Hugging Meditation

Reality vs Delusion

Heart-Based Meditation

Get Moving – Energy Shifting

The Truth About Suffering

Pharmaceuticals vs Natural Remedies

Finally, please remember... 

"This concise booklet is an offering of powerful practices that Avinash has used himself;

and then beautifully summed up as a gift for others to benefit from as well."

- Amy B. Scher, Author of How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can


"A beautiful and very useful offering" - Ram Das Batchelder, Author


"This book is great - brief and easy to read, but profound." - A. Carter, R.C.S.W.